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"I thought the laws would change. Why break my kid's heart if I don't need to?" 

Christopher Salazar - Headshot_edited_edited.png

"It's like a...Catch-22. Here illegally, can't be legal. Try to be legal, they punish you for being illegal." 

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A lot can happen in 8 years. Each member of this family journeys through a shifting landscape of love and loss, sacrifices and dreams.


Take the journey with them. Experience the twists and turns. It's 72 Miles worth exploring. 

Melissa Molano Headshot_edited.png

"Today, my friends, we find ourselves thinking only of the future, our dreams, the road ahead, and the childhoods we are leaving behind..."

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"When I feel sad or angry I thank God for giving my children a better life than I had." 


"I 'dreamt' there was this huge one could swim except me, but I couldn't hold you...and then we all drown."

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