72 Miles To Go...

72 miles. It’s the distance between Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico—and the distance between deported immigrant Anita and her American-born husband and children. 72 Miles to Go… follows one family over a decade as they come of age, fall in love, fight in wars, and fight for each other, against the backdrop of deportation, DACA, and changing immigration laws. 

In Their Shoes:


We all do this. Every single one of us. We draw borders in homes and communities, our fences that protect our yards, and our hearts, souls and minds...



Real people. Real issues.

Explore the character's journey through real-world examples.



Civil Rights

Would you break the law if you thought it was the morally right thing to do?

Can the U.S. ethically design laws that apply differently to citizens and non-citizens?

Are there civil rights that should apply regardless of immigration status?

Civil discourse can pave the way to understanding. Use the prompts below to start a discussion.

Churches navigate (and sometimes break) complex laws to protect deported immigrants.

Many people feel a sense of obligation to help those crossing the desert- despite current laws.



As a Unitarian Minister, Billy's faith plays a large role in his stance on immigration.

Civil rights of undocumented children are not guaranteed, which is why Billy lies to Christian.

Volunteers like Billy routinely risk arrest to bring food, water, and clean clothes to immigrants.

Water Runs

Civil Rights

Moral Issue

Classroom Activity

Let's explore.

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