72 Miles To Go...

72 miles. It’s the distance between Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico—and the distance between deported immigrant Anita and her American-born husband and children. 72 Miles to Go… follows one family over a decade as they come of age, fall in love, fight in wars, and fight for each other, against the backdrop of deportation, DACA, and changing immigration laws. 

In Their Shoes:


There’s an edge. My entire life is built on this razor thin edge made of ice. One step and a lot of other people go down with me.



Real people. Real issues.

Explore the character's journey through real-world examples.




How would you see yourself if you were told today that you are not a U.S. citizen?

Why does the U.S. offer education and not employment to young immigrants? 

Would you choose a life in fear of being deported or leave your home for a country you don't know?

Civil discourse can pave the way to understanding. Use the prompts below to start a discussion.

Choices are limited for adults who were illegally brought to the US very young.

DREAMers live with overwhelming anxiety, fear, depression, and poverty.



It's a bumpy road for DREAMers like Christian to find employment after high school or college. 

Cartoon Baldo reveals a personal story like Christian's- crossing the border as a small child.

DACA recipients who want to join the military find themselves in political limbo.

Military Hope



Classroom Activity

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