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Activity: Now You Tell It
Goal: Create a deeper understanding of the plot.

Twelfth Night has been adapted in many ways. In fact, many movies have based their plots on Twelfth Night. You can reinvent and experiment with Shakespeare in many ways. For instance, you can change the time period or the setting of his plays to shed new light on the themes. For instance:


  • What if Twelfth Night were set in the Houston Ship Channel? What would the set look like? Can you draw it?

  • What if the play were set in a High School? What would the costumes look like? 

  • What would the Disney version look and sound like? 

  • Where would you set your version? Why would that idea be cool?  


Ask students to create a reimagined 5-10 minute version of the play in a modern setting. Students can act or direct the scenes.

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