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American with a K

But why this play? And why now? Its themes of community, family, and survival are universal - but its fresh commentary asks audiences to dig a little deeper.  


This play packs a punch - begging you to empathize from multiple points of view. 

  • The characters in Amerikin have vastly different opinions about really big topics. What happens to you when you meet someone with a different opinion from your own? 

  • How far are you willing to go for your family? Is there a line you wouldn't cross?

  • What does it look like when someone goes too far for a belief or political point of view? How do YOU keep from crossing that line? 


Alley Artistic Director Rob Melrose talks about why he chose Amerikin for the Alley's 75th season.

Amerikin is receiving its world premiere production at Alley Theatre.

Creating a play is a long process - full of drafts and tweaks. Alley Theatre is proud to have workshopped this show as part of the Alley All New Festival. 

Chisa Hutchison.jpeg
Meet Chisa Hutchison

 "Chisa was born in Queens, New York to young, irresponsible parents."

Now she writes plays. Great ones.


Chisa also teaches creative writing at the University of Delaware, is staffed on a Showtime TV series, working on three film projects, and is tip-toeing through her final year of residency at New Dramatists. 


Read more about her on her website.

In Conversation

Watch Chisa and Actor Shawn Hamilton discuss the play's journey and how it was affected by the pandemic.

The Cast and Characters of Amerikin

(in order of appearance) 

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