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Episode 2: Class-Vrooooom

Before you watch Episode 2:

  • Can you list three important events that happened in the first episode of Oskar and the Shockingly Bad Internet Connection?




  • What emotions did Oskar feel when he found out school was on-line?  Why?

  • How did you feel when school first went to remote learning? How do you feel now? 

  • Are you still doing remote learning at home or are you in small classes at school?

  • If you were writing the next episode of Oskar and the Shockingly Bad Internet Connection where will it take place and what characters besides Oskar do you think should be in it?  

Act 2 Synopsis 


We pick the story up as Oskar logs into Mrs. Crunch’s class.  He is a bit late and Mrs. Crunch is a bit bothered . . . but she manages to use a foolproof coping strategy to get herself back on task.  We discover that Frank, Beth, and Oskar are the only students left to present for the Show and Tell Competition.  


Drumroll! Beth goes next. But she’s feeling sad because it’s hard to do Show and Tell online. Yet, she manages to use a coping strategy to bring her mood up. She gives a good presentation. 


Drumroll! Frank is next. At first he struggles too, but uses another coping strategy to lift himself up and does a great job with his presentation.


It’s finally Oskar’s turn. As he predicted the class thinks it’s a puppet. Oskar is filled with worry and anxiety because he really wants to win.  He just doesn’t know how to handle his disappointment.


And then when Mrs. Crunch is about to announce the winner Oskar takes drastic, though somewhat magical, measures to postpone announcing the winner.

Social emotional vocabulary:

1.Demand  2.Adapt  3.Powerlessness 4.Self-Awareness  5.Fixed Mindset  6.Growth Mindset  7.Angry 8.Sad  9.Scared  10.Emotions


After you watch Episode 2: ELAR Sentence STEMS


  1. If I did show and tell right now, I would share _________________________ because _______________ ___________________________________________________________________________________. 

  2. Just like Beth in this virtual play, I am sad when ______________________________________ because ___________________________________________________________________________________.

  3. I am scared like Frank sometimes when I___________________________________________________.

  4. I wish I could connect with _________________________ because _____________________________.

  5. At the end of the episode, I think Oskar should have __________________________ because_________ ___________________________________________________________________________________.

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