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Oskar's Bigger Bully Battle

Sequencing Map

Use this synopsis of Oskar's Bigger Bully Battle to review key points of the play with your students. Then, lead them through sequencing activities and creating frozen pictures to see if they can remember the order of key events.

Oskar’s Many Talents

Ten-year-old Oskar is good at a lot of things, but the one thing he is the absolute best at is catching bullies! Oskar is the greatest bully detective ever!

Bullying Cases on the Rise!

Oskar is determined to wipe out bullying so his school will throw him a parade. But his teacher tells him bullying cases have actually been going up since Oskar became a detective. Looks like Oskar won’t get his parade!

The Head Cheese

Oskar is determined not to give up. Oskar's puppet says he hasn’t been able to stop bullying because he hasn’t found the biggest bully of them all. To end bullying at his school, Oskar has to find The Head Cheese.

Beth Is Bullied

Beth tells Oskar she has experienced the worst case of bullying ever! Beth was walking down the hallway blindfolded when someone pushed her to the ground. This caused the Magic Orange Box she was carrying to break into a bunch of pieces.

Everyone’s a Suspect!

Oskar is certain The Head Cheese bullied Beth. He interviews every student in school to find the bully.

A Clue from Beth!
“When the person was walking, they were making a metallic clickity clackity sound with each step. When the person pushed me, their hands were cold and made of metal.”

Clickity, Clackity!

Using Beth’s clue, Oskar discovers that Frank pushed Beth with his metal crutches. Frank was in a rush to get to class and pushed Beth, who was moving too slowly. But Oskar’s Bully Detection Device says Frank is not The Head Cheese. Frank pushing Beth was a one-time thing. He didn't hurt her on purpose. Frank is not the biggest bully out of all of them.

Another Bully?

Frank apologizes to Beth. Frank says he was in a bad mood because he had been bullied. A goldfish smashed Frank's alarm clock into a million pieces while he was asleep! Oskar is excited by this new clue. The Head Cheese is a goldfish!

A Clue from Frank!
“Someone came into my room, smashed my alarm clock, used the pieces to spell out, 'YOU’RE A LOSER, FRANK. SINCERELY, THE GOLDFISH,' and next to the broken alarm clock was a puddle of water.”

The Goldfish

Frank’s sister (Desdemona) walks by. Oskar asks her some questions and discovers that Desdemona is The Goldfish. She broke Frank’s alarm clock because it was too loud. Desdemona let her feelings get out of control. But Oskar’s Bully Detection Device says she is not The Head Cheese. She is not the biggest bully of them all!

The Bully Behind the Bullying

Desdemona apologizes to Frank. She says she was in a bad mood because she had been bullied. Someone called her names and broke her window with an ice cream cone that melted her swim goggles! Whoever bullied Frank's sister must be The Head Cheese!

Oskar’s Nightmare

That night Oskar has a nightmare. He is visited by Cheese Fairies, who reveal that Oskar is The Head Cheese!

The Chain Reaction

Oskar was the one who threw the ice cream cone through Frank’s sister’s window. It was on accident, but it started a chain reaction. Oskar is the reason Desdemona broke Frank's clock. And that caused Frank to push Beth. Oskar was behind this all along!

A New Chain Reaction

Oskar realizes it’s up to him to stop the chain reaction. To do so, he must start a new chain reaction of forgiveness. He apologizes to Desdemona. She apologizes to Frank. He apologizes to Beth. Everything goes back to normal, and Oskar gets his parade!

When Oskar realizes he is The Head Cheese, it is a very dramatic moment!

“A bully is a victim. If I bullied Desdemona, and Desdemona bullied Frank, and Frank bullied Beth—well then that’s a chain reaction that goes on and on. So if I wanna stop the chain reaction, I have to start a new chain reaction in its place.”


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