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Welcome to Alley Re-Sourced!

Alley Re-Sourced is a first-of-its-kind digital dramaturgy platform. Dramaturgy is the craft of contextualizing the world of a play. Dramaturgs establish connections among a play's text, actors, and audience to create conversations about plays in a community.


Created by Alley Theatre in 2015, Re-Sourced is a fully interactive platform dedicated to helping audiences dive deeper into touring and mainstage productions. Re-Sourced: A Christmas Carol contains resources for both general audience members and schools. 




Clickables link to websites, articles, videos, and documents that are invaluable to exploring A Christmas Carol. The clickables are embedded in the holiday icon's below. 






Forward and Backward clickables take you deeper into the site. Follow the trail to learn everything you can about A Christmas Carol.






Clicking on the Christmas Carol title at the top of each page will take you back to the landing page. 






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Backgrounds by T. Charles Erickson, Mike McCormick and Jann Whaley.