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Support & Empathy

Support from your friends can help you get through tough situations. Empathy means putting yourself in other people's shoes so you can understand what they are going through.

By showing empathy and supporting others, you can be a better friend.

Fostering Support & Empathy

Think About It

Students can write, draw, or respond aloud to the following questions about the topic.

1) Use your imagination to come up with a problem that someone you know might have. Maybe it's a friend who has a problem at school or home? Maybe it's your mom or dad dealing with something hard? Maybe it's a sister or brother? 


2) What could you do for them that would make them feel better? Even if you can't fix the problem, is there something you could say or do that would help them feel better? ___________________



Aardvark Breathing

Activity: Identifying Emotions

It's important to be able to recognize emotions in yourself and in others, so you know how to deal with them.

here for printable worksheet

What emotions did Oskar deal with in the show? _________


What other emotions do you feel in your lives that didn't show up in the play? __________________________________________


Let's build an emotion wheel to help us practice describing and identifying our emotions!

  1. Recreate the images below.

  2. Color, draw images, or write phrases on each section of the emotion wheel.

  3. Cut out the emotion wheel, cut out the cover, and cut out the marked section.

  4. Put the cover circle on top of the emotion wheel and secure it with a brass fastener in the center of the circles.

  5. Twist the cover around to reveal how you are feeling today. You can use this every day to learn how to identify and communicate how you are feeling. 


Emotion Wheel

Building Resilience

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