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Alley Theatre's
New writing contest for teens

Alley Theatre is having its first ever Houston-Area Teen writing contest to prepare students for a variety of academic writing expectations through their exploration of our production of Cambodian Rock Band. This part-rock concert, part-historical play, is a safe and exciting way to start conversations about relevant and complex topics, especially for curious teens driven to explore history, sociology, current politics and needing to change the world. 

Dig in / Dish out

It Pays to Write

How to Enter

Watch CRB at the Alley (click here to purchase $10 tickets with the code STUDENT)

Consider these things

Explore the Alley Re-Sourced guide by clicking the title or lights at the top of this page!

Using skills you've learned to prepare for STAAR essays, SAT, or AP exams through expository, persuasive, and/ or synthesis writing, participate in the following activity 

The winner will recieve a prize of $500


  1. Compare and contrast the history Cambodian Rock Band portrays with something in current events.

  2. Write a critical review of Cambodian Rock Band that is modeled after an in-depth piece of Theatre Arts (review), paying critical attention to the content of the play. 

  3. Interview your parents or grandparents. What defining political events happened that still linger with them. Can you figure out how the political world they grew up in shaped their life? 

  4. Interview a second-generation immigrant. What in their culture do they hang onto? What of their culture do they hide or try to move on from? 
    on from? 

Sample Prompts

Click on each photo to magnify.


  • Contest is open to all high school students who see the show live

  • Essays must be between 750 and 2000 words long

  • Submission window closes February 28, 2023

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