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David Rainey


I’m walking the line, Faye. One foot in front of the other and trying not to fall and crash and break my spine. And who am I going to lift up with I’m broken? 

Family. Union. Company. Friends. The characters in Skeleton Crew often have to make tough choices about whom to look out for first. 

  • Have you ever had conflicting loyalties between your family and your friends

  • How did it feel? Why? 

"How can I help anyone else if I don’t help myself?  I’m thinking about it, Faye. I’m thinking about Shanita. I’m thinking about Dez. I’m thinking about you. I’m thinking and I’m thinking and I’m thinking—Okay?!"  - Reggie


  • Reggie is in a tough situation. Have you ever been in a situation like his before?

  • How did you solve it?

Three out of the four characters in Skeleton Crew belong to the United Auto Workers union. UAW was established in 1935 to give the labor force bargaining power on par with its employers. 

What does a business owe to its employees? 

  1. What are three things employers are required, by law, to provide its employees? 

  2. What are three things that students think an employer should provide that is not required by law?

  3. What are three controversial things over which people have been fired?

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