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Brandon J. Morgan


You know I’m saving up. Found me a garage over on six mile. All I gotta do is save me enough to buy it outright. Few more months of overtime, I’m in there. 

Dez has a dream; he has plans. He is going to make it out of the factory that he is afraid will close down. He is trying to be proactive.

  • What steps do you take to follow a dream? 

  • Where would you draw the line?

  • Would you break the law if it didn’t hurt anyone?

 “Rather Stack my paper and build my own enterprise. I done paid enough dues in my life already, I ain’t tryin to pay to nobody else. Them union suckers might get my money, but I ain’t got to smile and grin while I sign the shit over. I feel like grittin my teeth, I’m grittin’ my teeth." -Dez 


  • Have you ever felt like Dez, “grittin your teeth?"

  • What does it feel like?

  • Do you think the American dream is achievable? 

  • Why? Why not? 

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