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Alley Theatre's Production

The Story

Poverty. Injustice. Betrayal. Jane Eyre has been a Icon for generations because she endures against all odds. Adapted by Elizabeth Williamson from the beloved classic novel by Charlotte Brontë, this play brings the classic novel to the Alley's stage.


Watch the video for a fun summary.

Summary of the Plot

Charlotte Brontë

In crafting the character of Jane Eyre, Brontë became a trailblazer.

Born in 1816, she struggled for independence in a society that confined women. But her stories, and the character of Jane Eyre, found ways to break free.

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Lasting Literary Legacy

People love Jane Eyre – and it seems they love the story in pretty much any form of which we can think.  

"More than just a fun read, Jane Eyre is a subtle, intelligent discussion...What forces motivate us to choose and adhere to one set of values over another?"  - MJ Booklover, 

Click on the picture frame for an overview of the different ways Jane Eyre exists for audiences everywhere.

Director, Playwright, & Cast

Note from Director

Eleanor Holdridge

Elanor has made a name for herself by directing exciting theatre across the country - including the Alley's Lend me a A Soprano last season. 


Click here to read her notes on Jane Eyre.


Did you know that Alley Theatre is the only major American Theatre with a full-time, year-round Resident Acting Company?

Jane Eyre features a balanced cast of four Alley Theatre resident actors as well as four local and national actors. Click the photo to read their bios.


Elizabeth Williamson is an Award-winning director, dramaturg, and adapter.


Read more about her here.

Designers & Designs

Scenic Design

How do you bring an epic and sweeping novel to the stage?

It's not an easy task, so the Alley utilized John Coyne, who has designed stage sets for numerous companies across the U.S. 

Take a look at some of his designs for Alley Theatre's production of Jane Eyre, as well as the inspiration behind those designs.

Costume Design

Valérie Thérèse Bart "hopes to create work that is collaborative, open-minded and truly diverse because she comes from multi-ethnic/multi-cultural backgrounds and sees the world as such."


Take a look at some of her designs for Alley Theatre's production of Jane Eyre, as well as the inspiration behind those designs. 

Your Role

We're happy to have you with us, whether it's your first time seeing a play or you've been coming to A Christmas Carol since you were seven. 


Watch the video for some great advice on playing your part, courtesy of Resident Acting Company Members Elizabeth Bunch and Dylan Godwin.

Audience Participation

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