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Get ready for a blast from the past with this curated playlist about the '80s! Explore the style, social trends, music, cultural shifts, and technological landscape that defined this iconic era.

Note the vibrant fashion trends, the launch of MTV, the cost of living, the impact of the early AIDS epidemic, Run D.M.C., the cold war, fall of the Berlin Wall, and the fledgling technological innovations.

As you watch the videos below, pay attention to the things that would've stood out to you if you were alive in the '80s. Pick your 3 favorite videos and scroll to the bottom to reflect!

Imagine going out like this on a regular day

How hard could it be?

Film photography is popular right now (with the "comeback" of polaroids & disposable cameras), but consider ONLY being able to take photos on film.
Which one's better?

How many did you guess correctly?

What if you accidentally designed an iconic era?

This was one of the most iconic things to happen – ever.

Who needs safety, anyways?

Is this why we love Stranger Things so much?

Bread was HOW MUCH??

The OG fidget toy we still know about.

The big switch from analog to digital

Which 3 videos were your favorite?

Reflect on the parallels and differences between the '80s and today. Consider how these cultural elements have shaped your contemporary society.


List 5 things that are the same and 5 things that aren’t.

What is the 1980s influence on various aspects of our present-day culture?

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