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Story & Players

A Midsummer Night's Dream continues to be one of the most popular and beloved plays ever written. But what makes this 400 year-old story still relevant? 

Its themes of magic, love, and adventure still speak to us today. Let's start by familiarizing ourselves with the plot.


Don't worry - it's not cheating!


Shakespeare's audience was familiar with the plot when the play first opened, so you can be too.


Read this quick summary or watch the video. 

Classroom Activity

Watch the video plot summary above.


Use See, Think, Wonder to explore takeaways. This activity encourages students to look deep and helps them refine their curiosity.

A Magical Concept

To make the show exciting and accessible for our audience, the Director and Designers start with a concept: A central idea that unifies the approach to the play.


For this production, they are drawing inspiration from Magical Realism that is rooted in stories from Colombia. Specifically, the book One Hundred Years of Solitude.


Clothing has a huge part in building a character - and lots of thought and research goes into what each character will wear. In this video Costume Designer Trish Rigdon talks you through what you will see on stage, and gives you some cool things to look for. You can also see the costumes in more detail below!

YOur part in the play

The show can't happen without you. Watch the video for some great advice on playing your part.

Even though this production will take place outside of the Alley Theatre building, you get to help us turn your venue into a magical performance space. 

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