Vietgone Road Trip

Vietgone is not only a love story—it’s a road trip. There is nothing more American than hopping in a car (or onto a motorcycle!) and driving off into the sunset. As they travel west down I-40, Quang and Nhan experience the best and worst of America, even as they are participating in its greatest tradition.

The Journey West

Through its short history, the United States has expanded westward, seeing the Pacific coast as a beacon of hope and adventure. The western horizon was a challenge, a symbol of possibility and freedom. 

Quang and Nhan are traveling west to go home to Vietnam, but their westward journey is distinctly American.

Easy Riding

One of the most famous American road trip movies was 1969’s Easy Rider.


What other road trip movies do you know?

Do you have your own road trip story? 

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