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A director's concept is how the director envisions the play. Alley Theatre Artistic Director Rob Melrose has a bold idea for the production of The Winter's Tale. Watch the video to learn more about his idea to set the play in Texas.

"What's fun about doing Shakespeare is figuring out how Shakespeare meets its audience." 

-Rob Melrose, Artistic Director

Tale Like
No Other
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A directorial concept is only as strong as the support it receives on stage. Rob Melrose's idea to place the play in Texas creates a fun challenge for the designers. Watch the videos below for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to bring a strong idea to life for an audience. 

Sound Designer Cliff Caruthers

Set Designer Michael Locher

Bringing a Concept to Life: A Love Letter to Texas

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Gallery: Rough Sketches, Winter's Tale Set Design by Michael Locher

When Concept 

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Design a Concept

The 2019 UIL Theatrical design competition asked competitors to create a unique concept for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Are you up for the challenge?

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Behind the Scenes: 

Building Beautiful Clouds

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A strong director's concept can introduce new themes to the production, or magnify themes only hinted at on the page. Explore some of the themes introduced by the Alley Theatre's unique production. 

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Through a Child's Eyes

Alley's version of The Winter's Tale will quite literally be a Winter's Tale told by a young Houstonian boy: Mamillius. 

Mamillius in The Winter's Tale
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When a play is around for 400 years, there are bound to be a few interpretations. Take a peek at other recent and unique productions of The Winter's Tale.

Other Versions Throughout Time

Royal Shakespeare Company, 2010

Cheek by Jowl, 2016

Royal Opera House (ballet), 2016

Shakespeare's Globe, 2018

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