Our topsy turvy play begins with loss.
This play is considered one of Shakespeare's comedies, but it is rooted in serious themes.
For example... 
When we meet VIOLA she has just survived a shipwreck and thinks her twin brother has drowned.
To cope, she begins a journey that puts the play into motion. But why does she behave this way? What does she have in common with other fictional "heroes"?

Kim Blanck as Viola 

 Elizabeth Bunch as Olivia

When we meet  OLIVIA she has lost both her father and brother in a short span of time.
Most people can empathize, as grief can be triggered by death or loss in many forms. But how do we move past it?
Deeper Dive
Want to further explore Twelfth Night's theme of loss?
Identity Change
For humans, loss or tragedy can result in fundamental changes in who we are.
But what is identity anyway? What makes

changes her identity by pretending to be A BOY NAMES CESARIO.

Elizabeth Bunch as Olivia and Kim Blanck as Viola

Todd Waite as Malvolio


in hopes of winning the love of Olivia, pretends to be something he is not. In one of the play's most funny scenes, he appears "CROSS GARTERED IN YELLOW STOCKINGS "
But did Shakespeare have a DEEPER MEANING in writing this?

Activities: Exploring Identity

Goal: Help students consider the many factors that shape who we are as individuals.




Goal: Help students clarify important elements of their identity.  




Goal: Help students gain a deeper appreciation for truthful acting while questioning how we define gender.




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