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His work blends documentary and staged
photography to create images of the psychological as well as physical landscape of suburban family life.

Photo of Larry Sultan from his website.
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Photo of Sharr White.
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Each year, a number of the plays presented at Alley All New go on to be produced by the Alley, often times in the very next season as a world premiere. After the 2020 Alley All New Festival, "Pictures from Home" by Sharr White was set to premiere at Alley Theatre.

Although the events of 2020 interfered with the productions planned premiere here in Houston, it did open the door for "Pictures from Home" to be picked up by Broadway! (When one door closes, another door opens.)

Can you remember a time where things didn't go exactly how you wanted them to, but something better happened as a result of that?

"Pictures from Home" marquee.
Studio 54 Theatre, New York City.

After completing its run on Broadway in New York City, "Pictures from Home" is returning to the Alley for Houston audiences to enjoy. 

Alley Theatre, Hubbard Stage, where "Pictures from Home" will run from January 19 – February 11, 2024.
Photo by Mike McCormick.

Pictures from Home set design renderings by Michael Locher and projection design renderings by Victoria Sagady.

Alley Theatre Director of Design, and "Pictures from Home" scenic designer, Michael Locher describes the set design as a framing device for the story to take place in. Rather than have events happening inside of the house, the creative team elected for the audience to view the story from the outside looking in, to highlight that "Pictures from Home" is not a 'slice of life' story, but rather a collection of Larry's memories drifting in and out of view after the events have already passed. Take a look at some of the designs, as well as a 3D rendering of the moving screens that will appear throughout the play created by Alley Theatre Director of Video Production, and "Pictures from Home" projection designer, Victoria Sagady. 

Think about your favorite movie, play, or musical.

How would you have designed the set differently?
If you were telling the story of your life on a stage, what would the set look like?

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